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Project Description
Quickbuild makes is easier to run various msbuild scripts via a simple command line interface. It provides ability to change arguments and provides easy to understand color-coded html logs. It also shows execution time on the screen. It is developed in C#.

OfficeClip provides this tool for making it easy to run and debug msbuild scripts. Developers and Build Coordinators sometimes runs many msbuild scripts to do a sequence of tasks. This Project will help running previously created msbuild tasks (or any other programs in general) using a command prompt menu. Following are some of the advantages:
  • Avoids the need for typing the msbuild command with targets, property arguments etc. on the command line.
  • Color coded html log file provides a way to easily debug what went wrong while running msbuild scripts.
  • Execution times of all scripts are shown on the screen.
  • Ability to show the msbuild output and error on the screen or log file.
  • Log file history is saved for a finite number of days
  • Ability to run multiple msbuild commands in sequence.
  • Free form arguments can also be supplied. For example to increase the debug level you can use /v:d
  • It can be used for any commands other than msbuild.

To use this tool...
  1. Copy the quickbuild.exe, OfficeClip.OpenSource.Utility.dll, Quickbuild.xml into your msbuild script directory
  2. Change QuickBuild,xml to suit your need
  3. Run Quickbuild.exe

A test quickbuild.xml and build.xml is provided to test this program.

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